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St. James

Steven St. James (aka Santiago) got his start singing in church as a child with his two older sisters.    These performances tapped into his love for music which further encouraged him to sign in high school as well as join local garage bands.  By age 21, he began fronting one of the premier LA Strip Bands, "Sarge"(with Hager on guitar).  After being scouted by a rep from Motown records, he was asked to become the lead for "Kagney and the Dirty Rats" which went on to record an album of the same name.  On this album, Steven was joined by the iconic Temptations who performed background vocals on three songs.  Steven also performed a duet with Smokey Robinson and was honored to have Junior Walker play sax on three additional tracks.  Two songs from the album made airplay and one music video was featured on MTV.  Steven has had the additional privilege of working with artists such as Marq Torien (Bullet Boys) and C.C. Deville (Poison).

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Chris Hager

Chris was a co-founding member of the rock group, “Ratt” (originally “Mickey Ratt”), and is also a member of the group, “Rough Cutt”, a Warner Bros. recording artist and notable 80’s metal music group. Additionally, Chris has worked as a music producer/ engineer and IT business owner. He's currently doing dates with Rockin' Dave Alford of Rough Cutt featuring a new lineup of players, and prior to that toured with former bandmate and friend Stephen Pearcy. He performs regularly with various world-class musicians in the LA area at Ultimate Jam Night in Hollywood, and is currently available for additional projects. As well as composing music cues for TV, Chris is a sober advocate, and contributes his time and talent to charitable events.


Dave Alford

Dave Alford, aka Rockin' Dave, is an American heavy metal rock drummer, singer, songwriter and producer who has played in the bands Max Havoc, Jailhouse, Mod Ev, and Ratt, and was a founding member of Rough Cutt.  Alford also contributed to the Hear 'n Aid video project with Rough Cutt, where various heavy metal/hard rock artists collaborated to raise money for Famine Relief in 1985.

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Jeff Buehner

Jeff Buehner is a bassist from Portland, OR who has played with Dilana, The Dragonflies, The Russian Brides and has fronted his own band, The Loyal Order.  He has performed on the New Line Cinema soundtrack to Sugar & Spice, written and performed a regional outdoor sports reality show theme song, and has performed throughout the country and in Europe.  His music has been featured on commercial and college radio.

Darren Housholder

Darren Housholder is a Pittsburgh native that left the "Steel City" to attend Boston Music School, but after graduating from Berklee College of Music in 1989, moved to LA to join Jeff Pilson of Dokken and Vinny Appice of Black Sabbath and Dio to form a band called War and Peace.  In 1992, Darren embarked on a solo career writing and recording three instrumental guitar records for Shrapnel Records (guitar gun slinger label of Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Marty Friedman, Tony McAlpine and Richi Kotzen).  During this time Darren also joined Love/Hate for their 3rd album "Let's Rumble" featuring the track, Spinning Wheel.   After two busy years of tours with Love/Hate, Darren left to form the band Freak Power Ticket with long time recording mate drummer Ray Luzier.  In 2007, Jizzy and Love/Hate called to do three years consecutive tours of England.  In 2017 Darren recorded Jizzy Pearl of Love/Hates All You Need Is Soul, on Frontier's Records and has been playing gigs the past few years with Pearl and Love/Hate.

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